Our Technology

Battery Technology

Volt Caddy® battery system adopts the latest and most advanced technology in the market. It is specifically designed and engineered to deliver the safest, compact, cost-effective, and outstanding performance in wide range of temperature for our motorized electrical pushcart, Volt Caddy®.

The Pro-S1 series battery features the next generation Lithium Iron Phosphate (“LiFePo4”) materials. Also, an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) provides up to 36-hole of autonomy* and fully charged in less than 4 hours.

Electric Remote Golf Push Cart Battery

 The “Detachable-Battery” feature allows convenient charging and travel experience. You can charge the battery just by detaching it. It also features an external output charging port to charge your mobile device while during your golf round.

Motorized electric golf cart battery

Unlike other conventional lithium batteries in the market, our LiFePo4 battery has been tested in wide range of temperature (-20°C ~ 60°C) , anti-explosive, rigorous environment and extreme thermal testing (up to 800°C). 

All Our lithium batteries come with a 2-year comprehensive warranty**

*Based on normal play conditions

**Terms & Conditions apply. Please see warranty terms for further details



Motor and Control System

Our quiet dual-motor features 36v 360W (2*180W)power. It is controlled with our next generation AI assisted control system, featuring:

  • Smart Braking System,
  • Downhill Speed Control System,
  • Smooth Start System,
  • Programed Distance (15 ~ 30 yards),
  • Different speed control modes. (5 ~ 9 Km/hour)

AI assisted motorized caddy


 Electrical Golf Cart Motor