The Benefits of Electrical Golf Pushcart Trolleys - by VoltCaddy

While walking the golf course is a great physical activity and usually a pleasant experience. But to carry a golf bag or using a pushcart loaded with over 20Kg weight, with golf balls, clubs, drinks and other accessories might unnecessarily waste your energy and cause muscle strain.

Therefore, with electric pushcarts, you can significantly enhance your golf experience and focus on your game. With the latest technology, having an electric pushcart/trolley, it’s the new trend that change the game.  Below are few key benefits:

Focus on Your Game

 Walking through an 18-hole golf course while carrying your bag or pushing a cart of over 20Kg, it Is physically demanding. Studies show that after 9 holes (roughly 3 hours and 3500Km) of carrying a heavy golf bag or pushing a cart, may increase the risk of back pain and stain shoulder muscles. But most importantly, it decreases your golf performance and focus.

Professional golfers in tournament have the privilege to have caddies hauling their bags. The electric pushcart could do the same without hiring a caddy.  

Extra Storage and Charging Port 

Electric pushcarts also help you carry all your essential and extras for the game. While carrying a bag or use a pushcart; you attempt to keep it as light as possible by removing the extras. 

Volt Caddy electric pushcarts also include additional storages and accessories like phone mount, balls holder, umbrella holder, drink holder, anything that can boost your focus and energy. It also comes with a charging port; you can charge your mobiles and other devices.

Save Money

Having an electric pushcart, it can save money on renting a club golf cart. Also, it provides a good alternative to have an electric caddy that take care of the extra weight and follow at your pace.  


An electrical and motorized golf pushcart will provide a good balance between good walking exercise and enjoying golf pleasure without the extra weight.   In summary, below are  benefits of a remote-control electric golf cart:

  • Provide a good balance between walking exercise and assisted carrier
  • Enjoy the freedom of walking and not to warry about heavy golf bags.
  • Reduce muscle strain, physical exertion, and back pain, so you can focus on your golf game.
  • Provide extra storage and external charging port for your electronics.
  • Having an electric caddy that help you and follow you pace.
  • More environmentally friendly than golf Carts that use gasoline
  • Save money on renting a club golf cart